Dragon Brush App Reviews

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Fabulous for School Aged Children

Wonderful interactive traditional story. The illustrations are beautiful and some require participation to move the story forward. Lots of fun!


This is simply an amazing book: beautifully designed, illustrated, and narrated. It is a truly wonderful story and lots of fun to play. I especially like the painting program at the end. My nephews loved to interact with this book, especially trying to find all the magic painting pots. What a delight!

The Froshest fun around

Captivating, cool, and decidedly fresh. Our kids couldnt put it down. They loved the interaction, the ability to paint with a magic brush, and the fun of sending their creations to their friends. Thanks!


Its boring

Great story, beautiful app!

What a fantastic storm scene! Really nice interactive elements.

So bad!

Complete waste of 2.99! Horrible and so boring! DO NOT BUY!!!


Thank you so much for this... Seeing the look of joy and amazement in our 3 year olds eyes when we read your book together is priceless, let alone worth every penny of this purchase. Apps like these are precisely what makes the iPad magical--you should be very proud of this work. Heres something that for the price of a cup of coffee, youre helping a parent teach their child to read, entertaining them, teaching them important lessons in character, and letting them explore his or her artistic side. Thank you so much for this--If I could rate it 6 out of 5, I would!

The illustration is great but…

Everything else about this project kind of blows. The animations and interactive elements feel rushed and uninspired but more glaringly the writing, voicing and score are all ill-suited to the tale and just plain bad.

Love it

Love it 8) And cant wait for more stories

Dragon bush

I loved it so much, it was so beautiful and I am an adult. I was captivated amazing worth the money! Great story and for the people who said they hated it are crazy!

Wonderful app

I dont often comment but felt compelled to do so after my daughter and I spent a weekend on the road to Chicago with this app. It is so well done and "deep". Just tons to do here and then when youre done exploring and just want to listen to a book, you can do that, too. Hoping for more chapters/stories to come. Very well thought out and executed.


Imagination and story telling at its best! I want to wake my children up from sleeping so they can have a turn. I hope I find more like this.


My seven year old son really enjoys the interactive story and paint features. Beautifully written and drawn.


This is one of our favorite apps. Right up there with the Flying Books of Morris Lessmore. Beautiful graphics, great storytelling and wonderful interactive features. My 3 1/2 yr old son loves the interactive graphics, I love the story and I think well be using this app for years to come. We cant wait for the next one.


One of the best Childrens Story I have ever read and it never fails to satisfy an adult like me, never mind my 3 and 5 year old friends. It pure genius and I still have not plumbed its depths! Thanks for a great way of thoroughly entertaining children and their adults. The music is great, the narrator has a beautiful and engaging voice and the graphics are well done. The finger drawing will satisfy that child who does not get tired doing the same thing again and again!! Is there something else to come from this team?? Yes please!!!

A terrific app!

I think this is the finest childrens book app Ive seen so far. The story is a good one--not just a flimsy excuse for the interactivity-- and the artwork is beautiful. The interactivity supports the story all the way through, keeping the reader involved in the tale instead of distracting from the narrative (as is so common in most other book apps). I loved it, and I bet kids will too.

Circle of Trust

I heard about this app on the adventures in design podcast and had to check it out. They came through for me once again because this is a phenomenal find. Terrific app, beautiful illustrations and a wonderful story. I cant wait to share it with my nieces and nephews.

Spectacularly delightful!

I don’t understand why this doesn’t have more ratings and reviews. This app is positively glorious and fun for the whole family. It’s a fun and unique story telling device, that repeatedly delights.


This deserves more reviews. Its the best book Ive ever seen for kids on the iPad. Great story, wonderful interactions, amazing art style and narration. My 3-year old loves it.

Good fun!

Very nice story and the interactive play and painting option are both fun for young children.

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